About Us

zesions.es is a cryptocurrency exchange site

At zesions.es, people from different countries can exchange cryptocurrencies to their local currency. People create their user name and follow the corresponding steps to make their exchange to fiat currency or cryptocurrencies quickly, easily and safely. The cryptocurrencies for sale are kept in our security wallets directed for this purpose and for purchase in our assigned bank accounts.

How are we different?

We are a system for buying and selling bitcoins quickly and safely where we provide the exchange service with an agile and fast process, we offer the escrow service to protect the buyer of bitcoins and fiat currency to protect the seller from bitcoins also the essential right of privacy to be anonymous exchange.


Give everyone the option to enter the internet economy.

At zesions.es we focus on the best service and quality for our clients, on creating a large community of fast, safe and easy exchanges for everyone, we want to bring the exchange of bitcoins to all parts of the world.

We fully believe in Bitcoin as the digital money of the future that has great potential and prosperity for all countries in the world.

*Bitcoin allows online transactions to places beyond the reach of the traditional banking industry.

*Storing your savings in bitcoins protects them from political risks.


Contact information

How to contact the zesions.es team

Three True Trillions

86 HOZA STREET Unit 210 Warsaw
Post-Code: 00-682

[email protected]


Year of foundation: 2022

Headquarters: Poland

CEO: Adrian Romay